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Farm grown certified Wild Norwegian Rhodiola Rosea at the Enchanted Forest Nursery, Big Lake, AKIntroducing the number one product at Enchanted Forest Nursery:
Alaska Grown
certified authentic*
Russian Rhodiola Rosea (Altai) 
Wild Norwegian Rhodiola Rosea
We are in the process of planting even more Alaska Rhodiola Rosea babies this spring! Our nursery has been researching and testing this amazing herbal supplement, and promising, northern-sustainable cash crop, for over five years.
Enchanted Forest Nursery has been growing and researching many adaptogens and medicinal herbs for northern sustainable agriculture products, to support and encourage the farm industry in Alaska. We look forward to discussing these exciting opportunities with the community at our new location and welcome all inquiries.
Any farmers who are interested in growing Russian Rhodiola Rosea, please contact us! Enchanted Forest Nursery will provide you with valid growing information and support free of charge. We have mature, healthy field ready starts available. We will ship plugs to commercial growers. ( Email us to be added to the 2011 fall Alaska Rhodiola price list).
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Published papers and books on Rhodiola Rosea...
  • Over 190 clinical studies on Rhodiola Rosea can be found at pubmed.gov!
    Image 3: alaska grown certified authentic russian rhodiola rosea creative commons imageWild Norwegian Rhodiola Rosea grown at the Only Alaska Rhodiola Nursery, Heirloom and Medicinal Alaskan grown perennials, Alaska Rhodiola Rosea Sustainable agriculture product
    image 1: alaska grown certified authentic russian rhodiola rosea creative commons imageAbout Rhodiola Rosea:
    This 12 to 30 inch plant is valued for the root which is purported to have amazing beneficial properties to mental well being, anti-aging, endurance, and overall physical health. The “Rosea” part of it’s name stems from aroma of roses when a root is cut. Rhodiola Rosea is also known as Golden Root, Arctic Root, Siberian Root, and Aaron’s Rod. It belongs to the Crassulaceae plant family.
    Rhodiola Rosea is extremely resistant to frigid temperatures, thrives in high altitudes, and prefers rocky, dry conditions. Rhodiola Rosea does not fare well under damp rainy weather conditions. Too much water, too much rain will cause the plant to rot.  
    Prized since 77AD, it is a traditional Chinese medicine, where it has long been used for its anti-aging, anti-cancer and antioxidant activity.
    Rhodiola Rosea, as a supplemental herb has shown promise by increasing resistance to physical and mental stressors, improve the quality of sleep, and increase mental awareness in clinical studies.
    Rhodiola Rosea was identified as an “adaptogen” by Russian Scientists - in other words, it is an herb that is in no way harmful, which balances the body, and helps reduce all stresses that the body may encounter.
    There are over 200 members of the Rhodiola family of plants, but only Rhodiola Rosea is shown to have the following benefits:
    • Increases energy, endurance and stamina
    • Uplifts moods
    • Improves sexual performance
    • Promotes healthy sleep
    • Helps reduce stress and anxiety
    • Decreases recovery time after strenuous workouts
    • Improves cognitive function
    • Reduces mental fatigue
    • Helps maintain high levels of creatine phosphate
    • And Much, Much, More...
    Image 2: Alaska Rhodiola product grown  certified authentic russian rhodiola Sustainable agriculture product Oldest and Largest Alaska Rhodila Farm Alaska Rhodiola rosea product creative commons image
    If you are thinking about growing Alaskan Rhodiola Rosea
    Be diligent and do your homework!
    There are over 200 documented varieties of Rhodiola Rosea. Only a few are medicinal, the rest are just pretty garden plants!
    Growing Alaska Rhodiola Rosea commercially is a long term investment don't be fooled or settle for anything other than Alaska Rhodiola Rosea that has been tested request a report with your purchase. Of course, soil and climate play a role, but there is quite an individual variation between plants of the same type even. We suggest you have your soil tested prior to planting our Certified Alaska Rhodiola Rosea plugs. There can be absolutely no toxic residue from any prior soil applications. This is for your benefit and also to protect our buyers if you choose to sell your Alaska Rhodiola Rosea root to them.
    We have an herb broker and several Alaska based businesses that will be using our Certified Alaska Rhodiola Rosea in their products. We want to get the best prices for Alaskan farmers growing Rhodiola Rosea commercially, and the price of Rhodiola Rosea root fluctuates on the open market daily. If you choose to grow Rhodiola Rosea, do not limit yourself to one buyer. 
    Also, we need a processing plant. Rhodiola Rosea root buyers will not buy unprocessed raw Alaska Rhodiola Rosea: it must be cleaned, cut and dried to rigid standards. Hand processing is time consuming and costly. It takes 9 pounds of dried root to make one gallon of elixir. Another Enchanted Forest Nursery goal is to build a processing plant for all Alaskan farmers, not just for Alaska Rhodiola Rosea, but for all Alaskan produce so we can get our products on store shelves. We envision a processing plant centrally located with the capabilities of cleaning, drying, freeze drying, fresh and frozen processing capable of producing juice, jellies, extracts and more with a USDA inspector present to take our products from the field to the table.    
    *All of our Certified Alaska grown Rhodiola Rosea have been independently tested by a third party lab and proven to be of Russian and /or Norwegian origin. Each plug order comes with a certificate of origin and all the lab reports.***Please note at this time we are only selling certified Alaska Rhodiola Rosea plugs to Farmers for commercial growing. Due to the high demand for our plants if you are planning to grow Alaska Rhodiola Rosea we suggest you contact us for more information we will be happy to supply you with all the accurate information we have at no charge other than the cost of our Alaska Rhodiola Rosea plugs. We are currently accepting orders for Spring 2012 plants with a 50% deposit. Please email us for more details and price structures. 
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