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Certified Rhodiola Seed harvested Fall of 2013.
Please email or call to get on the list for next year. 
As we look forward to 2014, we would like to express our sincere gratitude and heartfelt appreciation. Your interest, support and belief has allowed us to continue to grow and explore sustainable, innovative, eco-friendly solutions to one of the most important issues of our time. Food! That must begin with seed grown from open pollinated, non-hybrid, non-GMO, untreated, natural heirloom seed.  

Our 2014 plant and Heirloom 
Seed List will be available in January a new section will include a bulk and grain seed section. 

Introducing Our number one product
Alaska Rhodiola Rosea
  Farm Grown!
Alaska Grown & Certified*
alaska-grown-logo on Enchanted Forest Nursery, Big Lake, AK
We are a proud member of the
Mat-Su Farm Bureau
'Grown here, not flown here'
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Our's Alone 
We are the only Nursery/Farm in the United States that grows and sells Certified Rhodiola Rosea.
Russian Rhodiola Rosea (Altai strain) 
Wild Norwegian Rhodiola Rosea
 Our 2nd newly tested Rhodiola Rosea is from a wild strain collected in Norway. It was the preferred strain for cultivation in Finland, and that is basically what ARRGO has as well, though they are trying to brand theirs as unique, it is not. We are very pleased with the bio-active reports on both these strains and have several more strains to test in the fall. 
If you are thinking about growing Alaskan Rhodiola Rosea
Be diligent and do your homework!
There are over 200 documented varieties of Rhodiola Rosea. Only a few are medicinal, the rest are just pretty garden plants!
image 1: alaska grown certified authentic russian rhodiola rosea Alaska Rhodiola products, grown here, not flown here creative commons image  Our nursery has been researching and testing this amazing herbal supplement, and promising, northern-sustainable cash crop, for over six years.
We have many other medicinal,.annual & perennial plants that are in high demand and can be grown commercially. We encourage farmers to explore their options and not limit themselves to just Alaska Rhodiola Rosea. If you are planning to grow Alaska Rhodiola Rosea you must be diversified! Alaska Rhodiola Rosea can take up to 5 years after planting before it is ready to go to market. Alaska Rhodiola Rosea is a Sustainable agriculture product Your farm must also be certified organic no legitimate buyer will purchase herbs from farms that are not. 
***We have new information on extra certificates needed to sell Alaskan grown Rhodiola Rosea in Alaska to the public.*** Please email us for the latest information if you are growing neutracuetical's for the market.
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We are located one block off the Parks Highway
on 10 serene acres to serve you better.
Need more information? Call 907-892-2008
To find our location (click here for map!): We are at mile 50.9 of the Parks Highway
Turn north onto Ridgecrest Drive, (Across the Parks Highway from Easy Rents, 1/2 mile before Big Lake Rd), Cross Winter Way, & take next drive on the left.
Continue to stay left until you see the greenhouses.
Galoot and Zoey the farm mascots at the Enchanted Forest Nursery and A Wing and a Prayer Animal Sanctuary Big Lake, Alaska
Please drive slowly
and animals
at play
If you do not like dogs
please call ahead
                                                Galoot and Zoey
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 We are a proud member of the Mat-Su Farm Bureau. 
We have one of the largest selection of heirloom and medicinal Alaskan grown perennials
Bring us those good pots for a discount - we recycle!
Ask about 'Fairy Bucks', you can only get them here! 'Fairy Bucks' have no expiration date so don't throw them away. 
We also have some wonderful offers from others in our Alaskan circle;
  • Ask for your catalog for the cheapest and best garden supplies that can be mailed to your door cheaper than you can purchase anywhere in Alaska!
  • If you need landscaping materials dirt, gravel, topsoil mention us you'll get a discount for the best price around. We have amended top soil see what everyone is raving about (it's the 'poo' and double screened!) We'll load your pick up or we can deliver. 
  • We'll be adding more links soon.    
 We hope to see you again soon!
There's much more to come - We're just getting started!
In the meantime, you can contact us at: (907)-892-2008
or email us through the 'contact us' link on this website or at enchantedforestnurseryak@yahoo.com
Watch for our Alaska Rhodiola Rosea products coming soon.separator2 for Enchanted Forest Nursery, Big Lake, Alaska *All of our Alaska grown Rhodiola Rosea has been independently tested and proven to be of Russian or Norwegian origin. Each commercial order comes with a certificate of origin and the bio-actives report for each species .
Image 6: The strain of our alaska grown certified russian rhodiola rosea, also known as roseroot, aarons rod, golden root, arctic root, siberian root, of the genus crassulaceae
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